Our brand-new Not In The Curriculum box will be present near the bottom of most pages. The box is being rolled out across most of our pages over the next few weeks and months. They will look something like this:

Not In The Curriculum box (What is this?)

Some content that is not in the curriculum.

What will be inside the box?

It depends on the topic covered on the page, but it will be one of the following:

What is the aim of the boxes?

The aim of the Not In The Curriculum box is to inform our users more than what is required of the subject. Whatever is in the box will be interesting – the box on the Queen Elizabeth I page is a great example.

When will we see them on all of the pages?

We won’t have them on every single page on this website, but we’ll have them on those pages on which we can include either a fact or five or how the topic is relevant to real-life. We’ve currently added it on the Queen Elizabeth I page, and we’ll roll it out to most of the other pages soon.

Will the boxes be in the app too?

Yes, they will be, just not for some time yet. (We’ll add them to the next update!)