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Welcome to the Georgian era, a time of three revolutions, new fashion and fancy houses.

Georgian food

Like many things in Georgian society, what you ate depended on how rich you were.


For rich people, fashion was all about showing off how much money you had. This meant that you wore fancy clothes like suits and fancy dresses.


The corset (shown below) was popular with women during this time, especially at balls. Women wore corsets to make their waists thinner so they could easily attract a potential husband.

A Georgian corset


Wigs were popular with both men and women during the Georgian era. They were usually white and extravagant, although there were some who dyed theirs in different colours other than white.

A typical male Georgian wig
A typical male Georgian wig | 18th Century Hair
A typical female Georgian wig
A typical female Georgian wig. Women sometimes decorated their wigs with flowers and other decorations.

Why were wigs popular in the Georgian era?

Wigs were popular in the Georgian era because of a disease called syphilis. Because there weren’t any antibiotics like there are today, those who caught the disease suffered from thinning hair or baldness. This trend started in the 1580s, when wig makers started to be in increasing demand as more people caught syphilis.


What job you had depended on the social class that you were part of and your gender.

If you were a woman, you would usually stay at home to manage the household. Although many working class women worked because their husband didn’t earn enough money to live.

Lower class

If you were in the lower (or working) class, you would have probably been one of the following:

Middle class

If you were in the middle class, you would have usually been working in one of these jobs:

Upper class

If you were in the upper class, you would have usually been either a:


One of the things that the Georgians are well-known for is their architectural style. Classical architecture from Ancient Greece was very fashionable.

French Revolution

The French Revolution was when the King and Queen of France were overthrown and executed in 1789.