The Saxons were a group of people who came to Britain from what is now Germany. Those who ended up settling in Britain were also known as Anglo-Saxons.

Life in Saxon Britain


Saxon houses were, unlike the native Brits, rectangular. Saxon houses were made of wood and were usually built with several posts, but they would sometimes make beams and build on top of them. Pad stones were used to make stable platforms.

A rectangular Saxon house

In early Saxon times, there were also small sunken huts. At first, people thought that they were just homes but archaeologists (people who find ancient objects and dig them up) have found things that mean these huts were probably used as workshops or for storage.

A reconstruction of a Saxon mud hut.


What jobs you could do in Anglo-Saxon society depended on whether you were a man or woman. Women usually did one, or a few of, these jobs:

If you were a man, you would be doing one, or a few of, these jobs:


There was a variety of Saxon food, which they loved to eat at big feasts. Their diet included:

A typical Anglo-Saxon feast being prepared |