Stone Age & The Iron Age

The Stone Age and the Iron Age took place millions of years ago. As the name probably suggests, it is when they discovered Stone and Iron.

Skara Brae

The Skara Brae is a Stone Age settlement in Scotland. It is made up of around eight houses, and was built before Stonehenge (see “Bronze Age”.)

Where is the Skara Brae?

The Skara Brae is on the bay of Skaill (pronounced “scale”) in Scotland.

When did people live in the Skara Brae?

People lived in the Skara Brae around 3180 BC- 2500 BC.

The Skara Brae today.

This is an example of one of many Stone Age settlements in the UK.

Bronze Age

The Bronze Age is between the Stone Age and the Iron Age. Stonehenge was built during this time.

What is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is a monument made of different kinds of stone (not that it looks like it.)

How was Stonehenge built?

There were no trucks to transport the stones back then. Instead, they used wooden logs and boats to transport the logs. Some of the stones they got all the way from South Wales, and Stonehenge is in Devon, so that must have been a long way to transport the stones.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was a civilisation that is known for it’s pyramids and pharaohs but life for ordinary people in Ancient Egypt wasn’t all about that.

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was the most advanced civilisation of it’s time. They came up with democracy, the Olympic Games and many scientific discoveries.

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