The Titanic was a tragic sinking of the supposedly “unsinkable” ship. But, on this page, as well as discover why it sunk, we’re going to reveal some of the facts on why it sunk.

Size of the Titanic

The Titanic was the largest ship ever built at the time. It weighed 52,310 tonnes and was 53.3m high (including the part of the ship that was underwater.)

“The unsinkable ship”

The ship was prone to sink right from the start. It was set out to sea three weeks early. If it had set out on time, there would have been no iceberg and the ship will not have sunk.


There were 1,317 people on the ship, but the ship could hold 2,453 passengers, but due to a coal strike some people postponed their trips until after the strikes ended, which was a few days after the Titanic set sail.

There were three “classes” of cabins that you could get. First Class cabins were large and luxurious, but they came with a high price tag. The prices ranged from £23 (£2,300 today) to £870 (£87,000 today). Third Class cabins cost £7 and 5 shillings, although the price may have varied depending on where you were boarding the ship from.