The Celts, also known as the Iron Age Celts, were people that lived in the present-day Britain and Northern Ireland. Some say that the Celts were the original Brits.


The Celts famously had round houses, with the roof being made of straw in the shape of a cone. The walls of the houses were usually made of mud.

A traditional Celtic roundhouse | Some Interesting Facts

As you can see in the house above, there is a hole at the top of the roof. This is because Celtic houses usually had a fire going in the middle of the house so they could cook animals and keep warm. Surrounding the fire were beds where Celts would sleep.


A lot of the food that they ate was grown or killed close to where they lived. This included vegetables like carrots, onions and turnips and meat like fish, pigs and chickens. Other things they ate include:

When did the Celts exist?

They still exist today, with Celtic languages being spoken in Cornwall, Wales, parts of Scotland and Ireland. The Celts started becoming more Roman in the centuries after the Romans had invaded.

Roman invasion

The successful Roman invasion in 47AD changed the way the Celts lived. A lot of Celts moved to Scotland, where the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall. This was because the Romans couldn’t take over Scotland since they would lose too many soldiers.