Kenya is a country in Africa with a population of 126 million. Kenya is known for the safari tours around the African grasslands, which makes up a significant part of it’s economy.

Country Profile

Population: 126 million
Land mass (square miles): 224,081
Capital city: Nairobi
Official languages: English and Swahili
Religion: Christianity
Currency: Kenyan shilling (¥)
Leader: Uhuru Kenyatta

Physical geography

Kenya is a mix of plains and hills, with swamps near the coast. It is bordered by South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania. Kenya has the second largest mountain in Africa: Mount Kenya, which is 5,199m (17,057 ft) above sea level.

A map of Kenya and surrounding countries.

Plants and animals

Kenya is known for it’s wide variety of wildlife. In the plains, there are lions, cheetahs, hippos and wildebeest. In the swamps, there are crocodiles and antelopes, as well as many species of birds.



A major part of Kenya’s economy is tourism. Tourists from around the world come to see the grasslands that Africa is known for. They also come to see the annual wildebeest migration as well as other attractions, such as historical mosques.

Tsavo East National Park | CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia


Farming is also a key part of the economy. There are many things grown in Kenya including tea, coffee, pineapples, coconuts and cashew nuts. Kenya is also the 3rd largest exporter of cut flowers, most of which are grown near Lake Naivasha.


Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa. The forests on the slope of the mountain are a key source of water for most of the country. The mountain is around 3 million years old.

Great Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley is part of a rift system which goes through Kenya and several other African countries. The Great Rift Valley contains the Cherangani Hills and a series of volcanoes, including a few that are still active.

One popular attraction inside the Great Rift Valley is Lake Bogoria, which is well-known for it’s large flat lake where flamingoes can be found nesting on it’s shoreline.

Lesser Flamingos (Phoenicopterus minor) nesting on the shoreline of Lake Bogoria in Kenya, Africa in 1988. | CC BY-SA 2.5, Wikipedia