Here at Homework Help For Kids, we’re having a facelift. Why? Because we feel that the current theme takes too long to load on slow broadband connections. And also, it’s not the theme for us.

Also, you’ve been saying that the Homework Help For Kids app doesn’t have enough content on it. Well, that is all about to change.

New design

We’re working on a new design for this site. One that will fit it more than the current one. You can see it in action as we work on it at Try to find the page “atomic structure” and give us some feedback by dropping us a line either in the comments box or at mail (at) homeworkhelpforkids(dot)co(dot)uk

The design of the Amazon app will also change and we will remove the advertising (we don’t make a penny out of the adverts) so you can finally get on with your homework.