SPAG stands for “Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.” We’re going to give you some incorrect sentences for you to correct. These sentences are designed for Years 5 & 6 (USA: start of middle school) or basically anyone who’s aged 9 to 11 years old.

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Interactive tests

The spelling test below is based on past SATS papers:
Spelling test

Spelling test (based on 2019 SATs papers)

Punctuation test

Punctuation test (based on 2019 SATs papers)

Sample incorrect SPAG sentences

the quick borwn fox jumpd ovr the lazy dog

Now, we are going to correct this. The corrections are in bold.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog .

Now we’re going to let you try some.



James went to the park to play, and there she found a coca cola bottel on the Floor. he went to put it in the bin, and saw a squirrel in the bin.



Rosie was reading at home when her mother said I’ve got an easter egg for you. She rushes over and says, Thank you.


Mum was going to the shops today and on her shopping list was apples bread a newspaper and some milk. Jake was going with her and was planning to get some Skittles too without his mum noticing.