Happy 2017, everyone! It’s New Years Day, and we want to look back on 2016 for a few moments.
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Amount of celebrities who passed away

We lost many familiar celebrities, including David Bowie and George Michael. Sir Terry Wogan, not to mention a few. The majority of deaths were either due to illnesses or natural causes.

On this day…

1502- The location of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was first explored by the Portuguese.
1540- Henry VIII goes on a blind date with the Anne of Cleeves. It does not go well.
1651- Charles II is crowned King of Scotland.
1999- The Euro currency is introduced in 11 countries.
Find the full list here.

New Year Resolutions

Last year, you may haven’t been the best on doing homework and giving it in on time. Well, this year, we’re here to help you do your homework, get it in on time and to help you get full marks. Watch this video:

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