The Good Sides of Nature

In your local woods, there is loads of stuff you can do like birdwatching, and just breathing in the fresh oxygen created by trees.


Birdwatching is good, and very useful, too keep track on how many birds of that species are left.
Many birds are coming back to the UK after their yearly migration south.
Nature is a marvellous thing. Without Nature, we wouldn’t exist today!!
Animals were made from Earth’s beginning, 7 billion years ago! Find it out in the Old Testament of the Bible. It’s at the beginning of Part 1. See the books page to find out more about the Bible.
Here’s a challenge just for you, would you rather spend 30 minutes outside or on a computer? Only 1 in 5 people have contact with nature. Buy some animal books (see Books page) and then go out into the forest and see what you can find!
Here are some tips on finding animals:
1. Bring binoculars with you, so you can see all around you and closer than your very eye can see. Don’t have any? Don’t worry? You can still do this activity.
2. Be very quiet (you can breathe!) and tip toe through the forest and you never know what you might find!
3. Bring the whole family with you. It will be a fun activity, we promise!

National Trust

National Trust is a charity which looks after over 300 houses and gardens all across the UK. If you go onto the National Trust website which is You can enter your postcode (if you don’t know it ask your parents what it is) and then it will show you National Trust places within 25 miles from your home*.
*This will only work if you live in the UK or Ireland.
Charges will apply to enter these National Trust places unless you are a National Trust member.

Some of the places are very famous and popular like Chartwell, Kent where Winston Churchill lived. They are all beautiful, stunning and have loads of history. PLUS, there are always loads of events going on at these places.
AND there’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 and 3 quarters.
Like countryside? Some National Trust places have countryside.

Stop watching TV too much and get outdoors today!

If you walk in the estate/woods for at least an hour, that’s your exercise for the day. Make sure you bring a bottle/s of water, as water is very important- especially in hot weather!! Wear a coat in cold weather!

Our Planet Earth

Planet Earth is getting warmer. The North and the South Pole are melting at a lightning speed. Sea levels have been rising at least a metre a year.

You can help by only using a car when necessary, not using it if you’re going to your friend’s house which is just around the corner. Walk or cycle there instead.

You can also help by recycling as many things as possible at your local recycling station.

Polar Bears in the Antartic are losing their habitats because they are melting.


Many hunting sharks have been around for a very long time and also have long rounded shape, like the slim blue shark.

Although most fish are bony, the skeleton of a shark is made up almost out of cartilage.