How to exercise whilst having fun!

I will give you some top tips on how to exercise as well as having FUN!

  1. Do you have at least 2 people who want to exercise with you? Well, why not play a game called “It”? One person is “it” and the other person or people has to run away from you until you touch them.
  2. Do you have a bicycle? If you do, why not have a cycle in the park with your family or friends if they have one too!
  3. If you don’t have a bicycle, why not play in the park? It’s good exercise and it’s fun!

Let’s play a game, shall we?

Are you bored? Well, you can dance along to your favourite song or play the classical game Hide and Seek. Count to 10 and then try finding the other person/people. No house is too small for hide and seek!
If it’s not raining, you can go outside and have a run-around.