12th November 2016


Cyberbullying isn’t a very nice thing to happen to you. But, first, what is cyber bullying? This video will explain it all. (We made this ourselves!)
How to avoid being cyberbullied | Tips on using social media safely

Thanks, but I’d rather skip this bit.

If your school or parents block YouTube, try watching the video below:

The Adventures of Mr Red Blob: Cyberbullying Special from Calum Childs on Vimeo.

Tips on how to deal with cyber-bullying

There are many ways that you can deal with cyberbullying. You can:

  • Tell a parent, guardian or teacher
  • If it gets very serious, you can report it to the police. (We recommend getting in touch with your school first!

All social media networks will have a support page (usually listed as support.example.com or help.example.com. Facebook’s one is facebook.com/help.)

Tips on going on social media

  • Stick to the age limits. Most social media platforms will have a minimum age limit (usually 13.) Don’t lie about your age because the age limits are set for a reason.
  • Think before you post. If you’re posting a picture of someone else, make sure you have their permission (If they took it with you, they’ll obviously say yes.) But if it’s a mugshot, ask for their permission first even if they don’t go on that social media platform.