Summer brings the warmest months of the year. It also brings tourists, lovely beach weather and for children and students, Summer Holidays.

Flowers & Animals

This is the best time of year to see some animals. Why? Because it’s the hottest season of the year and, in the UK, there has been a dramatic increase in temperature over recent years.

If you live by the coastline, you will probably see a lot of seagulls (like you do all year round) so our best advice is: when you’re eating food outside, eat leaning against a wall. Then the gulls will have to do some pretty amazing flying to get your food!

Also, there are many different kinds of wildlife wherever you live: even if you’re in the middle of Tokyo!

Tourists and Holidays

What do you think that people do in the summer? Most of them go on holiday whether it’s somewhere in their own country or abroad. But, at the moment, due to events in recent months, prices for holidays to Turkey and other bordering countries are very low. However, prices from most locations in Spain and Portugal have increased.

To find out more about Tourism and Economic Activity, go to our Economy page

Australia and New Zealand

Things are a bit different in the Southern Hemisphere: instead of summer, they’re having winter.


Autumn is a time where the leaves fall off the trees and animals start to prepare for the long, winter months ahead. If you go into your local woods, you might, just might, see a huge array of yellow, orange, red, brown in your local woods.


If you’re lucky enough you may see some squirrels burying some nuts for the winter. Chances are, the squirrel will forget where they hid them. The seeds would then grow into huge oak trees.

This process usually takes a very long time. It would take at least 50 years to grow into a decent tree.

Food and harvesting

Autumn is a time for harvesting and gathering crops for the winter. Many primary schools usually have celebrations to celebrate this special time of year.

If you going to your local woodland, you could find some blackberries that are ready to pick. You could then use them to make some blackberry pie.

Back to school again… groan!

None of us like going back to school after the long summer break. But we all have to go back sometime.

Imagine this: seeing all your friends again. Ask them how their summer was, and hope they ask you back! For more advice on going back to school, (secondary) click here.

And believe it or not: without school, you wouldn’t have met all the friends you’ve got. It’s true! But to find out more about going back, click the link above.


Autumn is the time where many animals, such as hedgehogs, dormice and bats, although one Welsh blog doesn’t think so (

Many hibernating animals feed themselves crazy and gain a lot of weight so that they can sleep comfortably in the winter. This means that they can gain body fat which will keep them warm throughout the winter.