Books are awesome, so why not read them? It’s a whole reading world out there. From the amazing Roald Dahl to the famous Victorian Charles Dickens, who wrote “A Tale Of Two Cities”.
Did you know that most children watch more than three hours of television a day?
Go to your local library now to borrow some books, or perhaps go to Waterstones and buy a book or two…
Get reading now!

Local Libraries

Libraries have closed down in one area, but you can still go to your local library and have fun!

Borrow a book or 4 and get reading! Haven’t finished them yet? Don’t worry, you can renew them again and again!

They are new books coming out soon, like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and a million more (not exactly, a little more less).

Books can also help you with your homework, as well as websites like these. We call them offline homework help.
Also, to help the environment, please only buy books with a special symbol.

Amazon is one of the online shopping sites that sell books along with other websites, for example eBay.

They might be loads of competitions, including the spooky house competition.

Get reading!

There’s a book for everyone out there. From awesome adventures to secret diaries, there’s millions out there.

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