17th September 2016


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Release Notes

4.1.1 (latest)
  • New “Update” page: We’ve noticed it’s not that easy to find out when we’ve released a new version of the app, so we’ve created a tool to help you. Click here to go to our brand-new “Update” page.
  • More Inspiring People: We’ve added Anne Frank, Florence Nightingale, Mary Curie and Mary Seacole to the list.
  • New SPAG tests: We’ve added a new Spelling test and Punctuation test based on the questions on the 2019 SATs papers.
  • New and Updated Content: We’ve added information on hydrology, the English Civil War, Great Fire of London, Atomic Structure, Atomic States and the Periodic Table.
  • Minor layout changes: We’ve ordered the Science topics in order of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • New Not In The Curriculum box: We’ve added a new feature called Not In The Curriculum box. It will contain either fact(s) about the topic or how the topic is relevant to real-life. This feature will be added on most pages and, due to the nature of certain topics, cannot be added to every page.
  • Replaced images with icons: We’ve replaced the images of religious icons with vector icons, meaning that they won’t get pixelated if you have a really big screen.
  • New “Holidays” section: We’ve added a new Holidays section, which includes information on Halloween, Shrove Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Bonfire Night. All of these seasons are available as blog posts on our website.
  • Accessibility improvements: In this release, we’ve made life a little bit easier for those using screen readers and other assistive technologies by making a few improvements under-the-hood. We’ve also made a few improvements to line height and font size.
  • New content: We’ve added Albert Einstein to the list of inspiring people.
4.0.1 (latest)
  • New Spelling Quiz: We’ve added one spelling quiz consisting of 7 questions based on past SATs papers, which are available to download for free from the UK government’s website. We are planning to add more to the app and our website in the future! You can find it in the SPAG section.
  • New Inspiring People Section: We’ve replaced the Famous People section (on the History page) with a dedicated Inspiring People section. As well as improved the people we’ve got, we’ve added William Shakespeare.
  • New Times Tables Quiz: There’s now a brand-new page for times tables, including a full list of times tables, perfect for revising for SATS exams.
  • Bug fixes and minor interface/accessibility improvements: Whilst we were testing the app, we noticed a few things were wrong. Here’s the full list:
    • Images that went off the screen: Some images went off the screen so you had to scroll horizontally in order to find them again. We’ve fixed this issue.
    • Stretched religious icons: Turns out the solution we had only worked for the first 2 icons. We’ve applied the fix to the rest of the icons.
    • External links don’t open. We found that any external links within the app didn’t open. In the meantime, we’ve removed all external links and put the URL in brackets instead so you can type in your web browser. We’re hoping to fix this bug in the near future.
    • Links underlined: We’ve now underlined the links to make our app more accessible.
    • List of links at bottom of page: All (main page) links are now at the bottom of every page, including this one for the benefit of screen readers, who may not be able to open the navigation bar.
    • “Back” button now hidden when navigation is open: We saw that the “Back” button was still displayed when the menu was visible. We’ve fixed this minor bug.
  • Mistakes corrected: We’ve also made a few mistakes of our own, like humans do. Don’t worry, though: we’ve corrected them. For example, Elizabeth I was not born in 1918 and did not die in 2013. We copied Mandela’s birth and death dates by accident. Sorry about this, and we’ll try not to do this in the future.
  • More transparency: We’ve added more information about the services we use to make our app in the About page. All release notes from previous versions of the app are also available here.
  • More content: We’ve added more awesome content including The Norman Conquest, The Black Death, (more about) Coasts, Biomes, Urbanisation, Economic Activity, Blitz, (WW2) Evacuation, William Shakespeare and more!

If you see any bugs, please contact us at mail@homeworkhelpforkids.co.uk, explaining what section you were on, what you were doing and what input you inserted (if any.) We’d also appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. You can do this in the app store you got it from or at homeworkhelpforkids.co.uk/appreviews.

  • More content! We’ve added a new Romans section with diagrams to explain how the army was organised, added how Muslims pray on the Islam page (with diagrams), explained what biomes are and added what erosion is (with diagrams, of course!)

We were having problems logging into our website recently, which is why some content in the app wasn’t on our site. We’ve solved this problem now, though, so you should be able to access the content in both the website and the app!

  • Bug fixes and minor interface enhancements. In this release, we’ve fixed a few bugs that we found whilst testing our app. These are the ones which have been found and fixed:
    • A case-sensitive quiz. We fixed a bug that meant, for example, if you typed in “Marie”, then the answer would be right. But if you typed in “marie” then the answer would be wrong. We’ve also made sure that common mispellings and other ways of saying the answer are deemed correct. We’ll do this in all future quizzes.
    • Pixelated religion icons. We’ve fixed a bug that meant the religious icons on the RE page were pixelated due to the responsive design features that we put in place (means you can view the app on your phone without too much trouble.)
    • Removed non-existant videos. When we were developing our 2.0.0 version of the app, our original plan was to add videos which could be viewed when offline. Sadly, we found out that the videos took up too much space up. Not only did it mean it would take ages to upload to the app stores and our servers, it also meant it would take a tonne of space up on your device. We didn’t want that, so we removed the files before submitting it. But we forgot to remove the links to them. So that’s what we did.
  • If you find any bugs or you are having problems using the app, please do not hesitate to leave some feedback on the app store where you downloaded the app. If you got it from our website, then please contact us by email (if you can) at mail@homeworkhelpforkids.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • New SPAG and Maths sections: We’ve now added the SPAG and Maths pages to the app, giving examples of what we’re talking about.
  • “Now You Try” button As well as the Maths section, we are currently testing a new feature called “Now You Try.” This is where you are given a sample question (12 + 5) and you type in the answer 15. It will show up as wrong and it will tell you the correct answer as well. Currently, this is only available for Adding and Subtracting.
  • Brand-new quizzes These quizzes will be a bit like the “Now You Try” button, only you will be able to type one or two worded answers. This feature is currently in BETA (meaning we’re still working on it but you can test it) and is only available on the French Revolution, but we’ll be adding more soon! (Once we’re done, we’ll add it to our website too!)
  • Minor interface improvements. We’ve been making a few tweaks to the interface to make it look just a little bit better.
  • Got a complaint or need to tell us something? Go ahead. We know our app isn’t perfect, and that’s why we’re making updates like this every two weeks. If you’d like to suggest something or to complain about something, please send it via email (internet connection required.)

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